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Hardware and Software Sales

The constant evolution of technologies and the increasing number of products on the market can be very confusing when the time comes to purchase hardware and software. Our mission is to find the best products in order to meet your needs in the long term. The Pexel Path supplies all types of computer hardware and software, including installation, configuration and set-up. From one PC or laptop, to a multi-user server based system with full network infrastructure support, we have the hardware and software you need. Whether you are installing new hardware or software, or upgrading your existing equipment, we have got it covered. Pexel Path only supplies top brand products and genuine software, of high quality, at competitive cost.

Benefits of Hardware and Software Sales

Clear understanding of your business needs

Global view of your projects

Procurement experts at your disposal

Direct contact

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  • Valuing communication and collaboration, Pexel Path has made an excellent contribution to the partnership. Their technical skills allow them to complete projects quickly and efficiently, and they’re always honest about their work. Customers can expect a smooth and successful engagement.

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    • James Franklin
    • CTO & Co-Founder
  • The clarity and transparency of their workflow stood out.

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    • Ami
    • Founder